Monday, May 7, 2012

Whats in Your Bag?

Here are what Power Force Apparel Feels are the Essential Gym Must haves!

1. Ifrogz Earbuds run about $10. Theses ear buds are perfect because they drown out tons of noise and actually stay in your ear
2. Power Force Running Shorts- they are light weight and have soft liners on the inside. They are perfect for any sport indoor or out. Plus they are super affordable only $26.99
3. Power Force String Tank- This is one of the softest shirts i have ever put on. Plus its it the bet length to workout or run in, it doesn't ride up and stays right in place when moving around! This top is $39.99- you can order online at
4. Power Force fitted jacket is perfect for those last night work outs whether is a run and just needing an extra layer for the ride home this jacket is best! at $69.99 it is a great buy and come in black or a pretty purple
5.ImapMyfitness App- this app keep up with everything! and its free!
6. Power Force Women's Dash- these shoes are so hot. they are ideal for the gym, cross-training and any leisure sport you might be in the mood for. Power Force has these in tons of different colors ans styles. Check out their website and find the perfect pair for you today!
7.Garmin Forerunner is the best watch out there for ladies- while it is expensive there isn't one that compares to the functionality of this watch!

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